Honda E Sent Rolling Off Road in Crash, in First Days of Deliveries

The quirky Honda E has only just begun shipping to customers in Europe. However, there’s no reason to think the earliest examples of a car won’t be just as likely to crash as later ones.

On a little road outside of Vienna, Austria one of the earliest Honda Es went for a bit of a roll into the ditch. Fortunately nobody was hurt, and the fire department was quick on the scene to get the car right-side up and onto a tow-truck.

From the pictures that the fire department posted to their Facebook page, we can see a rare glimpse at the underside of the EV. Although their isn’t a lot of visible damage on the bottom, but the suspension of the front wheel looks completely ruined.

The large sticker on the side of the vehicle points towards it being a demo car, maybe meant as a test-drive unit for sales personnel to bring people out in. We don’t know if that was the case when this crash happened, only that the driver made it out okay.

Whoever was driving seemed to oversteer into a pole. This could be a bad sign for the handling of the little city car, which has a very small wheelbase, and has an incredibly tight turning radius.

Once the fire department lifted up the Honda, you could see how crumpled up its side was from the collision. What a shame, to see such a cute little car in bad shape.


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