Larry Ellison’s Bold Move: Tesla Cybertruck to Become the Next-Gen Police Car

Former Tesla Board Member Reveals Innovative Plan for Law Enforcement

In a surprising revelation, Larry Ellison, the former member of Tesla’s Board of Directors and a close friend of CEO Elon Musk, unveiled his ambitious plans to deploy the Tesla Cybertruck as the forthcoming police vehicle. Ellison made this announcement during his keynote speech at the Oracle CloudWorld conference held in Las Vegas, where he enthusiastically extolled the unique design of the Cybertruck and expressed his unwavering affection for this revolutionary automobile.

“Our next-generation police car is coming out very soon,” Ellison declared with a grin, addressing the captivated audience at the conference. “It’s my favorite police car. It’s my favorite car, actually. It’s Elon’s favorite car.”

Intriguingly, Ellison hinted at possessing insider information about the Cybertruck, which is slated for imminent release. “I know too much about it. Some of it is still to be disclosed,” he cryptically added. As of now, Tesla has not divulged specific details regarding the Cybertruck’s pricing, available configurations, or its delivery date. Ellison’s close ties to Musk, his prior role as a Board member, and his staunch support for Tesla may have afforded him exclusive insights into the vehicle, ahead of the general public.

The Cybertruck is poised to be an exceptionally capable law enforcement vehicle, equipped with a robust powertrain tailored to tackle any challenge it encounters. Additionally, it will inherit the benefits that other police departments have reaped from adopting electric vehicles (EVs) as their patrol cars, including substantial cost savings on maintenance and fuel expenses. Notably, the Cybertruck boasts an ultra-fast powertrain, an invaluable asset in high-speed pursuit scenarios. Furthermore, law enforcement officers have attested to the distinct advantage of the silent operation of EVs in apprehending suspects in the act.

Tesla has been diligently working on the Cybertruck, with over 100 units already manufactured and undergoing rigorous testing during the pre-production phase. Frequent sightings of the Cybertruck in public spaces serve as a testament to Tesla’s unwavering commitment to perfecting this groundbreaking vehicle.

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