Los Angeles Mayor Possibly Interested In Boring Co. Tunnel Network

I grew up in Los Angeles and learned how to drive there. Having lived in major metropolitan areas in CA like Los Angeles, San Diego, and currently San Francisco, I can assure you that LA is the worst of the bunch. The fact that I learned to drive in those conditions pretty much makes me capable of tackling any traffic anywhere in America (humble brag).

All that to say, LA is horrible when it comes to traffic. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who I’m sure gets to deal with the transit woes of LA every day, seems to have taken an interest in Elon Musk’s Boring Company.

Musk’s Boring Company concept is simple; dig a bunch of tunnels under LA where cars, from select locations above-ground, can sink under into the tunnels and travel in a high-speed network apart from the traffic above. Musk envisions an earthquake-proof network of crisscrossing tunnels running under all of greater LA.

In a segment on Eyewitness Newsmakers, Garcetti mentioned the possibility of going with a tunnel network:

“Like many other cities have, I’d love to see maybe even with the new tunneling technology that people like Elon Musk is looking at, whether we could have a quick and direct route from LAX to Union Station.”

Following the interview, Elon Musk responded with a tweet of his own:

Regardless of what happens, it’s clear that something needs to be done with the congestion in LA. Even with a public transit network the size of LA’s, there seems to be no effect whatsoever on the horrible traffic in the greater Los Angeles area. Could the Boring Company’s tunnel system be what it takes to finally clear up LA’s highways and roads?

SOURCE | Market Watch

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