Model 3 News To Come This Sunday

The long wait for the Tesla Model 3 release date is about to come to an end! According to a recent tweet, a release date for the Model 3 will be revealed this Sunday, July 2nd.

The tweet came in response to a fan on Twitter who mentioned that the speculation and teasing surrounding the Model 3 release date “has to stop,” which prompted Musk’s response. I should point out that while it seems extremely likely that the news will be a release date, nothing Musk’s said officially confirms the fact that his announcement will be about the release date, so keep that in mind.

Tesla has reiterated time and time again that the Model 3 is set to start production in July of this year, with customers being able to customize their orders (color and wheel size), but staffing and space issues at the Fremont plant seem to indicate that production isn’t going as smoothly as one would hope.

Regardless, Model 3 deliveries are scheduled for 2018 (assuming the July start date is met), with the “everyman” Tesla going for a cool $35,000, making it the cheapest Tesla in their whole line. 400,000 pre-orders have already been submitted, so here’s to hoping that Sunday’s announcement is good news, and not a delay or something of that nature.


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