New Tesla Model 3 And Model Y All-New Features Leaked

A test procedure in Europe has revealed a slew of new functions and changes for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Tesla has long claimed that it does not produce new model year automobiles in the same manner as other car manufacturers. When they’re ready to enter production, Tesla makes adjustments and enhancements.

Recently however, Tesla has a reputation for making substantial changes to new model year vehicles in the closing weeks of the year. Last year, for example, Tesla made significant enhancements to the Model 3 for the next 2021 model year.

It appears that Tesla will have the same approach for both the Model 3 and Model Y for the 2022 model year. Tesla has submitted new versions of the Model 3 and Y for testing to European authorities, which have been leaked on a European Tesla forum:

A lot of the modifications are minor variants or improved versions coming for the Model Y, which is anticipated to go into production in the next months.

However, there are some more significant and unexpected changes. It appears that Tesla is now moving the 12-volt battery in Model 3 and Model Y to a li-ion battery, as opposed to previous versions. This was something that Tesla implemented for its higher-end vehicles, such as the Model S and X, but it’s good to see it happen for the company’s lower-priced automobiles.

A higher performing motor will also be installed in the Model 3 Performance. Tesla is now producing the new Model Y Performance in China, and it’s using a new AMD Ryzen chip for the MCU, resulting in an incredible performance boost. While things aren’t completely clear, it appears that the chip will be available on other models as well.

Tesla improved the Model 3’s acoustic performance with double-glazed acoustic glass in 2021. The same material will be used for the rear window of the 2022 version, which should enhance acoustic performance even more.

There’s also a “Superhorn” that mixes the horn, alarm, and external speaker. For pedestrian alerting sound, Tesla previously enabled you to play pre-recorded sounds or music out of the car using the external speaker. It appears that this function may be incorporated into the “Superhorn.”

Tesla is making preparations for the implementation of these improvements. According to reports, Tesla has started implementing them in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles produced in China and will soon do so at Gigafactory Berlin.

In the past, we’ve seen Tesla make adjustments to the Model 3/Y in China before bringing them to vehicles manufactured in Fremont for export to North American markets.

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