New Tesla Model S With Yoke Steering Wheel Has Been Spotted On The Road

While it angered some who argued that the yoke steering wheel wouldn’t work on the road, the new Tesla Model S with said steering wheel design has now been spotted in the wild. This is our first public look at the new interior in real life, and we’re now wondering what it’s like to drive.

The refreshed Model S gets a number of updates, the most notable being a screen in the back for rear passengers, wrap around veneer, and a landscape screen in the front. There are also larger cameras on the outside of the car, hinting that there is much more of a focus on self-driving for this version.

The Kilowatts took these photos that show the new modern wheel, along with the rest of the changes.

We’re very excited to see more of these new models on the road. But what do you think of the new yoke steering wheel?

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