New Tesla Model Y Already Coming Under Fire For Poor Build Quality

Tesla has been plagued with quality control issues from its inception, with customers complaining about poor body paint, issues in fitment, and damaged interior parts. The Model S, X, and 3 each had their own issues, and the Model Y certainly isn’t changing the trend as it begins its delivery to customers.

Chicago Auto Pros recently took delivery of a Model Y for a customer looking to get a paint correction and protection service, so the company had to do a video on what they thought of the build quality. During the video, they find an unforgivable number of issues including peeling paint around the hood, far too many sanding marks, and dust nibs scattered across the bodywork. In fact, these issues were so bad, that the only viable repair would be to repaint the whole panel.

Inside things looked equally as bad, with fingerprints across the headliner, bubbling at the bottom of the sun visors due to a lack of adhesive, poorly fitted and damaged trim, and the rear folding seats didn’t work properly.

It must be noted that the majority of the swirls and minor paint damage could be repaired with a compound paint correction and polish, but over the whole car, the vast majority of these issues are alarming on a 36-mile car.

It’s a shame that these issues are commonplace on Tesla models as it really tarnishes the ownership experience. We’ll see how Tesla reacts to yet again more issues in regards to repairing them, but this is something that really should be ironed out by now.

Let us know if you’re having any horror stories with your Tesla in the comments below…

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