Tesla Model Y Filmed Going ‘Off-Roading’ – People Aren’t Impressed

The Model Y is going to be Tesla’s most popular car, thinks Elon Musk, with it expected to outsell the Model S, X and 3 combined. Being a crossover, it sits in one of the most popular segments of the industry, and with the base model costing a mere $40,000, it’s good value for the performance and range.

With it now being delivered to customers, there have been plenty of videos of the car to keep us entertained, but a recent video from Twitter user and Tesla Model Y owner, Mike McGinnis, shows the car ‘off-roading’. It’s safe to say it’s wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

We’ve seen Teslas of all types wading through water much deeper than this, so when we read the caption, “Took our @Tesla #ModelY off road today!”, we expected much more. What we got was a video of the car simply driving through a shallow stream, which we must admit, most, if not all cars would be able to do. The video is as follows:

The replies are brilliant…

We love to see Tesla drivers pushing their own limits, but it’s safe to say that the Model Y’s limits are much higher than this. As one Twitter user expressed, we’ll see plenty of these types of videos, but when the Cybertruck eventually hits, we’re going to be seeing some real off-roading.

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