Tesla Model 3’s Tyres Slashed By Vandals During COVID-19 Outbreak But Recorded On Sentry Mode

The spread of the Coronavirus has been awful, but the majority of us have been lucky enough to witness society coming together, helping one another, and collectively pulling us through this tragedy. But just as there are amazing people out there, there are people who we aren’t so thankful for. A Tesla Model 3 parked on a street in Chicago recently filmed two vandals slashing its and another car’s tyres amid the outbreak of COVID-19.

The owner of the electric car, David Nonato, parked his Model 3 at 57th and Laflin Street last Saturday. Since then, the car hasn’t moved much due to the virus. However, it was not unusual for him to park his car there in his usual spot. Unfortunately, two vandals came and parked close to the Tesla wielding knives at around 11:35 am, and slashed its tyres, as well as another car parked behind it.

Unaware of the Sentry Mode cameras following their every move, the vandals parked their car in direct view of the cameras, and their faces were also easily visible from the recordings. After carrying out the crime, they drove away quickly.

Since then, Nonato has sent the footage to his local police, hoping they can track down the criminals from their numberplate and faces. As of yet, we haven’t heard anything of the couple being found and/or charged.

We’re not sure why the vandals targetted these two cars, especially in such a time where if necessary, transport could really help someone. It’s incredibly disappointing, and we hope these criminals get what’s coming to them.

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