Nissan 350z Suffers Huge Setback Amid EV Conversion

YouTuber, Throtl, has transformed a Nissan 350z into a “Tesla Z”. In a recently released video we see them take the car out for the first time.

Throtl bought the 350z in 2019 and was originally planning to swap the engine for one from a Toyota Supra, but have instead made the decision to take on an electric conversion.


To start, the Nissan subframe was taken away and replaced with a Tesla one. Throtl came across some issues with fitting the Tesla subframe so in order to help with this, they added a Liberty Walk wide body kit and so gained new front and rear bumpers, widened fenders, new hood and a rear ducktail.

After many hours spent carrying out the conversion, Throtl and the team took the car out on the road  for its first test drive and what started as pure excitement quickly flipped when mistakes started to crop up.

One of the biggest mistakes made was not having a hood latch, making it pretty inevitable that once the Tesla Z got to a high enough speed the hood lifted up hitting the windscreen. This luckily didn’t break the windscreen but did mean that Throtl had to replace the front fenders and hood.

After installing custom hood latches, they used Aero Catch pins in the hood to help hold it down. The team also added in Accuair air suspension and even upgraded the interior with an iPad in the dashboard.

Once these further alterations had been made, Throtl took it back out for a further test and although admitting they still have a lot of work left to do, they tested the performance with multiple launches and burnouts.

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