Nissan Give Us Another Ariya EV Teaser Video Before July 15th Unveil

Nissan really wants us all to have watering mouths while they slowly drop teasers for their new electric SUV, the Ariya. Not only will this new vehicle show off the advancements in electric drivetrains that Nissan have made in the last few years, it will also be “the dawn of a new era” for the Japanese carmaker.

In the video, we can see the clay model for the Ariya, with determined hands shaping its elegant front-end. There are also some shots of Wacom tablets, with designers striking crisp lines on its profile and rear-end. Most importantly, we see the striking tail-light, with its sharp and futuristic strip of LEDs.

If the Ariya concept, which we saw at last year’s Tokyo Auto Show, is anything to signify where Nissan is going, than we are in for a pleasant surprise. So far, they seem to be closer to the concept than most production cars are when they release.

They have been doing the usual “only headlights and blacked-out silhouette” teasing. Even lightening the image doesn’t reveal any crucial details. The shape of the vehicle resemble the Rogue in size and stance, but the front looks much cleaner with its cool headlights.

Recently, Nissan has teased its next four years of vehicles, including the new Z sports car. In that video, the Leaf was uncomfortably absent. Although, in recent demos, they have shown off E-4orce, an AWD electric powertrain that steps up handling, performance, and comfort.

In those demos, the E-4orce has been installed in Leafs. No doubt, the Ariya will also have E-4orce, as well as a big bump in range and a slightly more premium price than the Leaf.

Until July 15th, our educated guess is the best we have.

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