Oklahoma Offering BFF to Elon Musk to Build Cybertruck Factory

When trying to gain the attention of Elon Musk, you better come with all your tricks. The fine people of Tulsa, Oklahoma has decided to go all in on a meme frenzy to Elon’s twitter account to showcase why their city is the best location for the new All-Electric pickup truck known as the Cybertruck.

A few weeks ago, Musk dropped a major hint that the idea location for the Cybertruck factory would be in the middle of the country, where it can possibly appeal to the core demographic of users.

As you can see, the BFF in the title doesn’t refer to a forever Best Friend. It’s referring to the Big Effin Field Oklahoma has ready for the potential Cybertruck Gigafactory, which has the follow desired specs:

  • 1500 Acres
  • Infrastructure of water lines and roads
  • Specific location distance to Mars and SEC Headquarters

The account is pure comedic genius with the tone that should attract Elon to at least consider the location. A lot of media sites have picked on the courtship as noted from BFF

We wish them the best of luck with the courtship and just want the Cybertruck out as soon as possible, so best wishes to whoever wins the bid.


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