Porsche Taycan Burns To A Crisp While Parked In Garage

It’s been reported that a Porsche Taycan has burst into flames while parked in a garage in Florida yesterday only a few months after the first deliveries of the car had begun.

Very few details are known, but it’s been confirmed that this was the $150,000 Taycan from the German manufacturer. It’s being claimed that the car ‘exploded’ while sat in the garage.

Electrek got in contact with Porsche to get more details. The marque confirmed that they were aware of the incident and that no one was hurt. They also said that it was too early to speculate about the cause, but they are investigating the situation. This is the first time this has ever happened to a Taycan.

Only 130 of these have been built, so it must really hurt to find your own example melting down to a liquid when you look in your garage. As you can see from the photo, there’s damage to the building, too, confirming this could have gone far worse than it did.

Electric vehicles are often reported on violently when something like this happens, but readers must be aware that this is far more likely in a car with a standard internal combustion engine, it’s just not reported on. The fact that only 150 have been built and 1 has already caught on fire is a tad worrying, though. However, we have yet to hear the full story. There could easily be other variables involved, so we will have to wait until all the details are released before we make any speculations.

We’re sorry to see this Taycan destroyed because, despite the website name, we love all EVs. Let’s hope the owner can sort something out.

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