Possible Issues With Tesla Model 3 Call Audio

Bluetooth in cars is by no means a new feature in the automotive industry. It’s included even in the cheapest of cars, with the only difference being the quality of both input and output audio.

With the Tesla Model 3 now beginning to hit the roads, it comes as no surprise that people are using the onboard bluetooth. But what kind of quality is the system? For the price of the Model 3, you’d expect an almost flawless system. But is that the case?

Erik from the DÆrik Youtube channel tests it in a Model 3 he had for the day, and he came across some wording results.

His phone call began perfectly, with his recipient only stating that she could hear a slight echo on her end and that it could be due to her having an old phone. Minutes pass and it sounds good, but towards the end of the call the recipient’s audio starts to crack and pop through the speakers.

Now, this could be down to a number of reasons. It could be a software problem, it could be an issue with the caller’s phones, or it could be that the volume was simply too high so the audio was peaking.

Whatever the issue was, Erik explains how other owners of the Model 3 he has talked to have not had such issues, and that the audio quality for them has been fine.

Has anyone else had any negative experiences with the car’s bluetooth? Let us know below what you think about the speaker quality!

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