Tesla Loses Two Key Players In The Production Of The Model 3

With production of the Tesla Model 3 already behind initial projections, it’s worrying to hear that two key players have just left their posts within Tesla.

Senior Director of Manufacturing Engineering, Jason Mendez, and Will McColl, Tesla’s Senior Manager of Equipment Engineering had been working for Tesla since 2005 and 2014 respectively, and if recent anonymous reports are anything to go by, they both worked on the autonomous production lines for the Model 3.

I know what you’re thinking… were they let go? Well, apparently not as McColl posted this to his LinkedIn profile. 

“The news seems to be out: last Friday I resigned from Tesla. It was an action-packed 7 years of automation equipment design and I will truly miss the team. I will treasure our countless moments of laughter as we fearlessly dismantled the edifice of “impossible!”. I’m continually inspired by my colleagues’ resolve, and I wish them strength as they ramp and refine Model 3. It’s an amazing car!

“As for me, I’m preparing for the next venture and challenge. I’ve got many complexities to unravel in the move back from Germany, but I’m very excited to return to the US in the coming months. Stay tuned!”

According to that he left on good terms.

The Tesla Model 3 is possibly the most important model to come from the American marque, so we wonder if this will affect the car’s production further. Only time will tell.

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