Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s Meeting with Elon Musk Paves the Way for Tesla’s Entry into Thailand

A Visionary Encounter: $5 Billion Investment Potential and the Future of Electric Vehicles in Thailand

Last week, the Prime Minister of Thailand had an extraordinary meeting with none other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk. This encounter wasn’t just a courtesy call; it was a significant conversation that held the potential to reshape the landscape of electric cars and technology in Thailand. The two influential figures delved into a multitude of subjects, ranging from Tesla and SpaceX to Starlink.

In a tweet that made waves on social media, the Prime Minister shared his thoughts on the meeting, saying, “Met with Elon Musk and team during my trip to #UNGA in New York. We had a good conversation on Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink technology.” He continued, “I am impressed with the advance the group has made for humanity, and we share a common view of the future for a cleaner world. We look forward to further discussions. Look forward to more inspirational successes of the #EV and Space Exploration breakthrough – for not only Thais but also the global community.”

These words echo the sentiment of collaboration and progress, underlining the shared commitment to advancing clean and sustainable technologies. The Prime Minister’s optimism is contagious, as he anticipates remarkable achievements in the realms of electric vehicles (EVs) and space exploration, not just benefiting Thailand but the world at large.

What’s even more exciting is the Prime Minister’s estimation that Thailand could potentially attract up to $5 billion in investments from tech giants like Tesla, Google, and Microsoft. “Tesla would be looking into an EV manufacturing facility, Microsoft and Google are looking at data centers,” he reported to Reuters. While exact investment figures for each company remain undisclosed, the Prime Minister’s confidence in attracting these global tech leaders is undeniable.

Tesla has already taken its first steps into Thailand by delivering the Model 3 and Model Y units earlier this year. One notable advantage for Tesla in Thailand is the absence of import fees on Model 3 and Model Y vehicles from Giga Shanghai in China. However, it’s worth noting that Tesla’s Thai customers did not qualify for government EV subsidies, primarily because the Model Y and Model 3 were not manufactured within the Southeast Asian nation.

Elon Musk’s engagements with political leaders in Southeast Asia are becoming increasingly frequent. In August 2023, he held a low-key meeting with Indonesian officials in San Francisco, where discussions reportedly revolved around the establishment of a Tesla plant in Indonesia.

As we witness these pivotal moments in the world of electric cars and technology, it’s clear that the Prime Minister of Thailand and Elon Musk share a vision of a greener, more sustainable future. The potential for substantial investments and the growth of Tesla’s presence in Thailand spark hope for a cleaner, technologically advanced world.

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