Renault See Reassuring Surge in ZOE EV Sales

Since lockdown, the global car market has been practically decimated. One silver lining, is that many electric cars are selling comparatively well for brands that have them as an option. France’s Renault is no exception.

Their ZOE model has sold a respectable 17,650 units so far this year. That’s nearly twice as many as it sold in the first two quarters of last year.

On the whole, the ZOE now makes up %12 of Renaults total vehicle registrations. That’s well ahead of the industry average, which has been floating around %2 of new car sales. One of the reasons would be that Renault simply hasn’t sold nearly as many of their gas offerings. Their total sales are down nearly a third year-over-year.

…ZOE, ninth in the PC market, is the undisputed leader in the electric vehicle market, with nearly 40% market share. Boosted by the revaluation of the ecological bonus, ZOE almost doubled its sales with 17,650 registrations (+98.8%) over the first half.

Renault recently spoke to the EU about how crucial of a time it is to incentivize local production of EVs. They spoke out about the wave of new Chinese competition that threatens to flood the market with affordable imports.

Even though they air these concerns, they seem to be doing well themselves. Renault also sells the Kangoo EV, which has a massive lead in little commercial EVs. Not to mention they’ve launched the commercial ZOE as well, another electric option.

Kangoo Z.E. is the undisputed leader in the electric LCV market with 43% market share. With the New ZOE commercial version, number two on the market, and Master Z.E., Renault’s 100% electric LCVs account for nearly two-thirds of the market.

With France dealing with the economic recovery from the pandemic, perhaps they should take Renault’s advice. If they look at the proof in the pudding, electrics are the future of their country’s car industry.

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