Revolutionizing the Model 3 Experience: Tesla Unveils Powered Liftgate Retrofit

Tesla's Latest Upgrade Puts Control at Your Fingertips and Elevates Convenience for Model 3 Owners

In the ever-evolving world of electric cars, Tesla continues to set the standard for innovation and customer satisfaction. Now, they’ve unveiled a groundbreaking upgrade for Model 3 owners that’s creating waves of excitement in the Tesla community—the Powered Liftgate Retrofit. This game-changing enhancement is now available for purchase on the Tesla shop, and it’s poised to elevate the driving experience for countless Tesla enthusiasts.

The Model 3 Powered Liftgate Retrofit comes with a price tag of $800, which includes the convenience of shipment to your preferred Tesla Service Center and professional installation. This upgrade is specifically designed for Model 3 vehicles that feature a manual liftgate and were produced prior to the year 2021. While Tesla introduced the powered liftgate feature during the 2020 Model 3 refresh, this retrofit is aimed at breathing new life into older Model 3 units across the United States.

Notably, Tesla China took the lead in offering Model 3 powered liftgate retrofits in 2022, catering to the growing demand among Chinese Tesla enthusiasts. Priced at RMB 3,980 (equivalent to $546.85), this retrofit has been met with a warm reception in the Chinese market.

One of the standout features of the Model 3 retrofit is its user-friendly interface. With this enhancement, Model 3 owners gain the ability to effortlessly control their liftgate using the Tesla app, the vehicle’s intuitive touchscreen, or a dedicated button located on the liftgate itself. This level of control adds a touch of luxury and convenience to the Model 3 driving experience, making it even more appealing to Tesla enthusiasts.

Tesla has thoughtfully provided clear instructions for operating the powered liftgate, as stated in their manual. Should you wish to stop the powered trunk (if equipped) while it’s in motion, a single click of the rear trunk button on the key fob accessory does the trick. If you intend to change its direction, a double-click of the rear trunk button accomplishes that, provided it wasn’t nearly fully open or closed when you stopped it. This intuitive control mechanism ensures that your Model 3 responds to your commands promptly and accurately.

Another noteworthy feature of the Model 3 retrofit is the ability to adjust the opening height of the powered liftgate. Tesla has simplified this process into easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Open the trunk manually to lower or raise it to your desired opening height.
  2. Press and hold the button on the underside of the trunk for three seconds until you hear a confirmation chime.
  3. Confirm that it’s set to your preferred height by closing and reopening the powered trunk.

Tesla also offers a word of caution: “Depending on configuration, such as wheel selection, your vehicle’s rear trunk can open up to approximately 6.5 feet (2 meters). Adjust the rear trunk height to prevent it from coming into contact with low ceilings or other objects.” This level of customization ensures that your Model 3’s powered liftgate suits your individual needs, no matter the circumstances.

In conclusion, Tesla’s introduction of the Model 3 Powered Liftgate Retrofit underscores their commitment to enhancing the driving experience for Tesla owners. With its seamless control options and adjustable height settings, this upgrade promises to make daily life with your Model 3 even more convenient and enjoyable.

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