Tesla’s Gigafactory Mexico Gains Momentum as Governor Samuel Garcia Sepulveda Shares Promising Updates

Progress on Access and Mobility Signals Bright Future for Tesla's Expansion in Nuevo León

Earlier this week, the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia Sepulveda, had a noteworthy rendezvous with key Tesla executives overseeing the development of Gigafactory Mexico. This pivotal meeting between the Governor and Tesla’s top brass has shed light on the promising progress of the Gigafactory Mexico project.

Governor Sepulveda took to Instagram to share the latest updates regarding Tesla Giga Mexico. According to the Governor, significant strides are being made in the preparation and execution of access and mobility solutions for Gigafactory Mexico, and the commencement of these essential works is imminent.

In his own words, Governor Sepulveda expressed his enthusiasm for Tesla’s presence in Nuevo León: “My friends and colleagues from Tesla are very happy because they have their gigafactories in Austin and San Francisco; they will already have direct flights when they come here to settle. I am also about to receive the start-up of the Gigafactory from Tesla. We are going to start with the whole issue of water, it is treated water, from the train and adaptations and access to the highway, highway (Monterrey-Saltillo) to the plant, so pure good news, we are working with everything.”

The progress witnessed in the construction of Giga Mexico is a positive development for Tesla, particularly in light of hints from Chinese suppliers that the start of production at the new factory might face delays. Earlier this month, the Mexican daily newspaper Reforma reported concerns that Tesla’s initial production estimates for Giga Mexico could be impacted by the country’s permitting process.

However, Governor Sepulveda’s recent updates provide reassurance that Tesla’s ambitious plans for Giga Mexico are indeed on track. On a recent Monday, the Governor extended a warm welcome to Tesla executives at his residence. Among the distinguished guests were Market Director in Mexico, Eugenio Grandio de la Torre, Director of Business, Rohan Patel, and Tesla’s Logistics Manager, Daniel Calvo. The Governor also hosted Secretary of Economy Ivan Rivas and Undersecretary of Investment Emmanuel Loo, who joined the discussions with the Tesla executives.

Governor Sepulveda holds optimistic projections for the economic impact of Tesla and its suppliers on Gigafactory Mexico’s operations. He estimates that, within just two years of commencing operations, Tesla and its associated suppliers could inject a staggering $15 billion in investment into the region. In his words, “Tesla and suppliers alone are going to generate 15 billion dollars of investment in two years. Sometimes, we forget, or we no longer measure the zeros. It is an enormous amount in a very short term.”

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