SEA Electric Win Bid To Convert 10,000 School Buses To EVs

Australian firm SEA and Illinois-based Midwest Transit Equipment (MTE), one of the world’s largest school bus dealers, have teamed up to update 10,000 school buses in the US Midwest with battery-electric power systems over the next five years.

MTE will be able to provide clients with a nearly new converted e-bus for a fraction of the cost of a new, built-from-the-ground-up e-school bus thanks to this partnership. Over the next five years, deliveries will take place on both Type A and Type C school buses.

The buses will be powered by the SEA Electric SEA-Drive electric power system. The SEA-Drive power system will have the capacity to feed electricity back into the grid, improving stability when connected to a charging station.

SEA explained:

This partnership promotes the [environmental, social, and corporate governance] principle of secondary use, while reducing waste, eliminating diesel particulates, and most importantly, positively impacting the health and well-being of our students.

Two to three re-powered buses can be delivered at the same price as a new electric bus.

John McKinney, president and CEO of Midwest Transport Equipment, quoted:

This partnership will allow us to react to our customer’s needs more quickly and will complement new bus sales. As the industry moves toward zero emissions we are positioned well with our SEA Electric partnership to be a leader of the electrification movement.

Electric school buses have been the target of numerous health organizations, including the American Lung Association and others, who have lobbied Congress to provide funding because diesel fuel has a detrimental influence on children’s health.

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