Take A Look At All The Continuous Changes Made To Teslas Over The Years

It’s hard to believe that the Model S has been out for almost a decade now, first releasing in 2012. Since then, we’ve seen some big changes in the flagship electric-sedan. Notably the Raven powertrain, the grill, and the seats. But there are more changes that, as Sandy Munro and others have been pointing out lately, they really make you appreciate the level Tesla has elevated manufacturing to in the states.

For the first set of examples, take a look at this video Munro has uploaded to Youtube, where he compares and contrasts some of the components from a Model 3 and Model Y that he and his engineers tore down.

Sandy Munro has been the largest proponent of Tesla’s manufacturing advancements, and the guy pushing the distinction between “continuous” and “continual” improvements. In short, continuous improvements are made as soon as possible, to keep the ball rolling, and continual improvements are made in waves, when it best suits the financial interests of a firm. I know this wrap up video is long, but if you haven’t watched it yet, it really is amazing.

The most impressive element of the video, to me, was the motor changes from their 3 to Y. As Sandy says “it doesn’t take a smart man” to see how expensive the Model 3’s giant copper component is. When set next to the Y’s aluminum-based design, it makes me giddy with enthusiasm. This is the sort of advancement technology sees in a space race. Not the “continual” speed of most auto-manufacturers.

This motor example doesn’t do any justice to the amount of ingenuity Munro shines light on. His largest takeaway was the electronics associated with Tesla’s HW 3.0 refresh, a chip their building in house, which got its own video.

Next, if you’re curious about improvements made on just the Model S, in it’s 9 year run, than E for Electric has a sweet video for you. In this he breaks down some of the small, lesser known, changes that Tesla has made in a continuous fashion.

Sure, the seats and touchscreen are more well known than things Munro & Associates are showing. On the other hand, that door handle mechanism, oh my!

This is another perfect example of beautiful engineering. To go from all that wire, and weak little connectors, to the elegant housing of today’s Model S, that’s what we’re talking about!

To wrap up, Tesla has a lot of haters, believe me, I know. However, if Corvettes or Mustangs could improve upon themselves in the way Teslas have, maybe we would be fanboying out over them instead.

There was a day where all the astronauts were driving Corvettes, but now, how could they want anything other than a Tesla? No other company is coming anywhere close to this level of competitive design.


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