Tesla And Elon Musk Embarrass Themselves With Weird And Hilarious Humanoid Robot Reveal

Tesla has always wanted to expand beyond cars and other types of automobiles ever since it changed its name from Tesla Motors to simply Tesla in 2017. It builds cars, solar panel systems, and batteries. And if you believe what Musk told us on AI Day… humanoid robots.

CEO Elon Musk revealed that by next year they’ll have a prototype to show us of a fully self-‘walking’ humanoid machine that embraces the semi-autonomous technology currently in the cars. It will be able to walk and carry out tasks such as going to get groceries or picking up a bolt. And this is thanks to the Autopilot cameras it will be housing in its head.

According to Musk it will be built with human safety in mind. This means the average human will be able to outrun it, with its only use being to “eliminate dangerous repetitive and boring tasks.” It will be about 5’8″ and weigh around 125lbs.

It will move using 40 electromechanical actuators, 12 in its arms, 12 in its legs, and 12 in its hands. Two will be found in the next, and the final two in the torso. Thanks to these, it is expected to be able to deadlift 150lbs. If it has problems, it will be able to tell you through its head-mounted screen.

But the best bit of the reveal was the embarrassing and hilariously funny moment Elon Musk had to tell us that the person dancing around awkwardly in a skin-tight suit was in fact not a robot.

I’m a fan of Tesla, but honestly? I think this may have been one step too far for the company. Especially as they’ve already underdelivered on so many things thus far. The Tesla Semi, the Roadster 2.0… come on, Elon.

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