Tesla Begins Model Y Deliveries For Chinese Market

Delvieries of the Tesla Model Y have officially started in Shanghai, China early yesterday morning. The customers of the all-electric crossover were notified of the delivery event via email over the weekend, and were told that it would take place at the Minghang Tesla Center in Shanghai.

As noted by Tesla, these deliveries will help Tesla stamp its place as a leading EV manufacturer in the growing car market of China.

The final price of the Tesla Model Y was released on New Years Day this year, and since then Model Y’s were spotted building in numbers around the Shanghai Gigafactory for, presumably, delivery to customers.

Hopefully the Tela Model Y will follow in the success of the chinese-made Model 3 which became one of the most popular EVs in the country’s market within its first year of production. With the Model Y breaching the crossover market, we’d assume this to be the case as a crossover layout is much more popular than a saloon thanks to its storage and increased seating.

The new Model Y will reach customers with a host of mew updates like a new interior design that takes inspiration from the new Model 3 interior refresh and a new design for the door trim. It will also come with a HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Source: Teslarati

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