Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Faces Disaster As Production Grinds To A Halt

Tesla has found itself with no option but to halt production at the recently opened Gigafactory Berlin, for two weeks.

According to German news outlet, Bild, there are three main reasons as to why this decision has been made: the lack of skilled workers, long manufacturing time and quality assurance problems that are causing further delays by requiring work to be re-done on the vehicles.

The factory only managed to build roughly a tenth of what it should be capable of with 1,000 vehicles per week, for the duration of June. The two week closure is to make improvements and changes at work stations to increase productivity. Local media claim that work is planned to pick back up later in July, from then the factory is planning to move from a two-shift operation to three.

Tesla are insistent that this pause in production is completely unrelated to the recent call from Germany’s automotive regulator for Tesla to recall 59,000 cars worldwide because of a technical problem in the cars’ emergency system. This also comes just after CEO, Elon Musk, said the German gigafactory was a “gigantic money furnace” that is currently costing the company billions.

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