Tesla Charging Blunder Leaves Chevrolet Driver Red-Faced

Despite the fact that this tale has some awkward moments and the video is difficult to watch at times, it should be pointed out that there was a rather positive conclusion. However, for a Tesla owner and a Chevrolet Volt driver, things did not appear to be going in the best way possible for a while.

The video from Wham Baam Dangercam shows a Tesla Model 3 owner who was charging his car at a hotel become startled to discover an alert informing him that his automobile had been disconnected from the charger. The Tesla owner went out to where his car was parked to investigate, only to discover two hotel employees standing next on it. A torn Tesla charging cable lay at the scene.

The Tesla’s charging cable became caught in the Chevrolet Volt driver’s side mirror after he threw it over his vehicle to avoid hitting it. The footage from the Model 3’s built-in cameras revealed precisely what happened. As it turned out, the accident was caused by a hotel employee who didn’t want to run over the Tesla’s charging cable. To prevent this, the Volt driver chucked the charging cable out of his car, not realizing that part of it had gotten caught in his side mirror.

The Tesla’s charging cable was violently yanked out of the all-electric vehicle as the Chevy Volt driver was pulling out of his parking space, damaging the Model 3’s charge port door in the process. The hotel employee is seen in the video freaking out as he realized what had occurred. Fortunately, things were resolved when the employee produced his insurance card. He also appeared to be very nice and apologized for his mistake.

As a result of the accident, the Tesla Model 3 required a new charge port door. It was only $250, which is quite reasonable, but even tiny incidents like this might be far more severe if the individual who damaged the car was not cooperative. The Model 3’s owner got off easy in this situation since the other party was very compassionate. Some Tesla drivers, such as those who are driven mad on the highway due to extreme instances of road rage, are not so fortunate.

Watch the video below to see footage of a Tesla Model 3 and a Chevy Bolt owner.

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