Tesla Could Be Rolling Out A ‘Stealth’ Sentry Mode Soon After Elon Musk Confirmation

Using its eight cameras, a Tesla is able to record what’s happening around itself, recording the resulting video to a hard drive. This surveillance mode, known as ‘Sentry Mode’, also warns people away if they start getting too close and touch the car forcefully. According to CEO Elon Musk, an upgrade could be coming to the system after a fan his idea of a ‘stealth’ mode.

The current system runs on a number of levels. The ‘Standby’ level monitors the car’s surroundings and records video captured by the car’s cameras. If it determines there is a threat, like someone leaning on the car or similar, it will raise the level to ‘Alert’. This state will flash the headlights while turning on the multimedia system, alerting individuals that the car is active.

If the car determines the threat level is rising further, then it rises further to ‘Alarm’ state, where the car turns on the multimedia system at full volume and maximises the display on the centre screen. But some owners want something quieter and undercover. They want a mode where they can turn off the alerts that were initially intended to scare away a possible thief or someone intending to damage the car.

The main reason why this would be a needed option is thanks to how sensitive the Sentry Mode is. Even someone walking past the car in a crowded driveway can set off the alarms – a very annoying moment for any Tesla owner.

It’s apparent that while the security system of the car is incredible, owners are keen to have a fully customisable setup, with adjustable reactions, volume levels, etc. For example, if you were keeping a dog in the car temporarily outside a store and the alarm went off, this could damage the dog’s hearing. I, personally, would also be worried that the reaction from the car could attract vandals to the car thanks to it drawing attention to itself.

Whatever the results of this Tweet are, let’s take a moment to appreciate that we can simply tweet the head of one of the most successful car companies in the world to put forward an idea. That’s pretty special if you ask me.

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