Tesla Crash: Family Walks Away Unscathed After Hitting Oncoming Traffic In Aquaplane Disaster

Tesla Model Y driver aquaplaned into oncoming traffic in California and amazingly, the driver and passengers walked away.

The driver, “NM”, was driving his car during a heavy downpour of rain. He did not have autopilot on and was travelling 5 mph under the speed limit. Trying his best not to aqua plane, he was just feathering the accelerator but he still unfortunately lost control.

The Model Y glides sideways over the lanes and into the incoming traffic on the other side. ‘NM” manages to weave through most of the traffic but eventually the inevitable happened and he collided with the back of a big rig.

Amazingly “NM” and his family were able to walk away unhurt. The frunk and the crumple zone took most of the impact, leaving the cabin pretty much undamaged.

Watch the footage from Wham Baam Teslacam below:

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