Tesla Cybertruck: Leaked Video Shows Breakthrough Technology For All-Electric Pickup Truck

Over the weekend, a pair of fresh images and videos of the Tesla Cybertruck were leaked, providing us a clearer look at what design modifications we’ve previously seen from afar.

The photos have elicited a strong reaction since they were uploaded to the Cybertruck Owners’ Club forum.

The shape is basically same but there have been some significant changes since the original presentation. The most obvious difference is the rims, which previously had large plastic wheel covers that were there to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The new rims are more similar to the standard Model 3 rims.

When taking a closer look at the newly designed wheels, we can see that the tires have the same seven “spokes” aligned with the seven ridges that were one the original prototype design. This makes us think that these wheels were perhaps there all along and the wheel covers could be removable.

There were no windshield wipers or side mirrors on the original prototype; this is a frequent feature on concept automobiles that are not intended to be driven on public roads.

Side mirrors have long been the stuff of car designers’ dreams, with cameras replacing them in the future to allow for a cleaner design and better aerodynamics. However, safety rules have collided with this dream, which has prevented it from becoming reality. Tesla would like to release the Cybertruck without side mirrors if regulations are changed to allow cameras instead of mirrors.

The enormous front windshield demands a correspondingly huge wiper, which we get a closer look at in these leaked photos: one big blade on the driver’s side of the windshield. Tesla has been working on its own electromagnetic wiper technology which is believed to be for use on the Cybertruck.

The windshield now appears to have a slight curve, whereas the prototype had no curvature. The LED light bar at the top of the windshield is not visible in either this new photo or the drone video so it is unclear if this has been completely removed or if they’ve disguised it more.

The door handles have been removed from the new prototype as well. Tesla has confirmed that the final version of the Cybertruck will not include door handles. Amazingly, the vehicle will recognize you walking up and open the door for you instead.

The front end was rougher in the original prototype, and the front edge above the headlights protruded much farther beyond the bumper. Many people immediately recognized this as a major faux pas because pedestrian safety regulations demand that vehicles be created to minimize injuries in a collision if possible, and a large pointed bumper would most certainly not accomplish that.

It appears that the top edge of the headlights has been brought back a bit in these new images, and that the plastic bumper beneath has been expanded (including an enhanced air intake) and pushed out a little farther. It could just be a trick of perspective, but if there’s been any modification, it was most likely done to get closer to pedestrian safety standards.

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