Tesla Cybertruck: What States Are The Pre-Orders Coming From?

The Tesla Cybertruck almost broke the internet on its release late last year. Not only did it look like nothing we’d ever seen before, but the shattered “bulletproof” glass incident was hilarious, and therefore went viral.

But quickly the pre-orders started rolling in – not a surprise when it’s only $100 – and quickly the company built up a total of 250,000 pre-orders within a week. After this, they stopped publishing the figures, but has been keeping an eye and reports that there is a total of 450,000 to 500,000 pre-orders for the all-electric truck so far.

More recently, the forum looked into where the orders were from, and by using data crowdsourced by more than 1,400, now have a good understanding of more detailed information.

“Data crowdsourced by more than 1400 members of the Tesla enthusiast community, and shared with, reveals the top states for CyberTruck reservations. Although Tesla has not published figures regarding the distribution of CyberTruck orders by region, this is a look at where the CyberTruck is most popular! It’s not surprising to see that California is the most popular state, but some of the others on the list might surprise you!”

The Tesla Cybertruck Dashboard Is Made From Paper, Not Marble

The top ten most popular states for ordering the Cybertruck are as follows:

  1. California (12.9%)
  2. Texas (6.3%)
  3. Florida (5.43%)
  4. Washington (4.13%)
  5. Arizona (3.84%)
  6. Colorado (3.26%)
  7. New York (2.68%)
  8. North Carolina (2.32%)
  9. Georgia (2.17%)
  10. Virginia (2.03%)

Only 17% have gone for the single-motor variant, which is the least powerful and least expensive sitting at $40,000. The rest went for the dual-motor and tri-motor almost evenly with there being only slightly more dual-motor purchases than the latter. That costs about $50,000.

The single-motor is said to be coming later this year, with the dual and tri-motor variants coming the year later. Ordered yours yet?

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