Tesla: Elon Musk Confirms Release Date Of Full Self-Driving Update

Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter that the full self-driving subscriptions upgrade will be sealed out to customers during the month of May 2021.

During a moment of posting to Twitter about Tesla’s lead in AI within the industry, he revealed that the FSD Button will be coming to cars next month alongside FSD subscriptions. He did emphasise, however, that this timeframe is “aspirational”, and depends entirely on how the FSD Beta’s V9.0 is received by customers.

“Button timing of May is aspirational. It depends on how well the limited beta of V9.0 goes, but I would be surprised if (the) wide beta (aka button) is later than June. FSD subscription next month is a sure thing,” Musk posted.

The FSD subscription model has been looked forward to immensely by customers with the standard pricing of  FSD coming in at $10,000. This is, obviously, incredibly expensive, and not inclusive of self-driving of city roads. Turning this into a subscription makes the barrier to entry a lot lower, allowing more customers to experience the feature, and therefore allowing Tesla more information on it’s day to day working.

Tesla’s self-driving feature is incredibly powerful, with it being one of the leading partly-autonomous forms of technology in the automotive market, and with it currently only being in a beta state, it will only improve after V9.0 is released.

It shouldn’t be long until the self-driving feature of Teslas is incredibly sophisticated, so we’ll look forward to what customers have to say about that when it is finally released.

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