Tesla Full Self-Driving v10 Isn’t As Good As Elon Musk Promised

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving v10 has been seen in use on multiple videos now, and while we had huge expectations for this after Elon Musk described it as “mind-blowing”, mind-blowing it is not.

There is, however, a certain amount of progress, after Tesla rolled out its FSD Beta v10 software update to its early access fleet of cars.


This has allowed these vehicles to almost drive themselves on both highways and smaller roads within cities, but it is still classed as level 2 driver assist technology. The driver is still responsible for the technology, and still has to keep their hands on the wheel while being ready to take control in the event of something unexpected.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been discussing this new technology for months now, and while he raised our expectations, the update hasn’t blown us away.

Take a look at the videos posted to YouTube below:

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