Tesla Gives Free Supercharging For A Year To Model 3 and Model Y Buyers

Automaker Tesla is offering a one-year free Supercharging for Model 3 and Model Y buyers who receive an inventory vehicle before 2020 ends. Aside from Tesla’s end-of-year revenue drive, the latest Supercharging bid typically raises the company’s work pace to reach annual distribution and output expectations.  

Teslarati verified the campaign by speaking to a representative of Tesla Sales, who set out the ins and outs of the free Supercharging promo. 

Customers who will receive or accept vehicles between December 12 and the end of the day on December 31st are entitled to the free Supercharge promo. But a Tesla sales representative informed customers that the promotion is effective within the first two weeks of January 2021. 

When the offer becomes effective, a notification will be seen in the car and the app indicating that the driver has access to this free supercharging. The deal will run 365 days from the first time the promo alert appears in the car and on the Tesla mobile app.  

At the end of the year, Tesla is attempting to dial in the last few months to boost the volume and raise distribution percentages for the year. The final quarter is typically full of offers that make owning a vehicle more enticing, and Tesla usually demands extra support from its owners in the form of voluntary work to increase sales figures. 

The Supercharging promo is a perfect opportunity for Tesla to cater to many who are converting from gas engines to electric powertrains. In a world dominated by petrol, no car manufacturer has ever run a promo like an offer of free gas as well as other promotional activities. Tesla’s acquisition of its supercharging stations enables the firm to provide enticing buying opportunities for its vehicles.  

The Supercharging deal is a win-win for both customers and Tesla. For customers, a free charge for their electric vehicle for the entire year is a huge saver. As for Tesla, the promo is a genius way to entice customers to convert to EV so while they can reach their production title of 500,000 cars this year. 

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