Tesla Has Registered The Term ‘Cyberquad’ In Interesting Development

Tesla has filed a new trademark application for the term ‘Cyberquad’, but before you get really excited over what’s to come from the technology company, it may be best to quell these feelings.

The patent actually covers two classes. Toys and Sporting Goods, and Clothing. So while we were expecting something similar to what CEO Elon Musk showed us in 2019 when he unveiled the striking Cybertruck, this is likely to be more of a cash cow than anything else.

During the Cybertruck launch, Elon rolled out an ATV which had a similar design language to the famous all-electric truck. The idea was that something like this would be coming in the next few years, but nothing since has been mentioned, despite Tesla applying for the trademark of Cyberquad in September of 2019 under the following classes in the US: “Vehicles,” “Electrical Apparatus, Machines and Supplies,” “Cutlery, Machinery, Tools, and Parts Thereof,” “Filters and Refrigerators,” “Belting, Hose, Machinery Packing and Non-Metallic Tires,” and finally “Dental, Medical, and Surgical Appliances.”

Internationally, this comes under “vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air, or water”.

This current trademark application was filed on September 23, and will be seen by an attorney  “approximately six months after the filing date”, according to Teslarati. The results of this will likely result in merchandising to be sold through Tesla.

Weirdly, though, the copyright for Cyberquad isn’t currently owned by Tesla, after Tesla asked for a time extension to file a Statement of Use. This is despite Elon initially sharing that the ATV would come alongside the Cybertruck on its release, but even this project has been pushed back to 2022.

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