Tesla Has Released Details Behind The Car Of The Angry Protestor

In the world of computers that we live in, almost everything we do is recorded somehow. Now, with these computers being implemented into vehicles such as Teslas, a lot of our driving is recorded and can be used by insurance companies, the police, and even the company behind the car.

A Tesla Model 3 owner named Zhang Yazhou made quite the commotion when she climbed on top of a Model 3 being shown at the Shanghai Motor Show, shouting complaints about her own Model 3 which, according to her, didn’t brake leading up to an accident. You can see the video below:

Wearing a shirt saying “Tesla brake lost control”, she shouted at her audience, complaining about her own car’s brakes, blaming Tesla for the accident. Now, Tesla has released details from the car just before the accident.

These stats show that Zhang Yazhou did actually use her brakes. Not only that, but she was actually speeding in a 50mph zone at 74mph. Right before impact, the car had slowed to around 30mph, and in the half-hour before the crash, the brakes had been used successfully over forty times.

Tesla explained that while they have this data, there was no dash cam footage available via the car because the owner hadn’t properly set up the system by adding a dedicated folder for the videos to be stored in. Her side airbags also didn’t go off because the crash wasn’t hard enough to cause them to explode.

Of course, Zhang Yazhou is now saying that Tesla has tampered with the vehicle, arguing that they are giving misinformation. But Tesla has responded by saying that the information stored on the car is highly encrypted, meaning it can’t be altered in any way. Despite this, Tesla has apologised for this, and has agreed to look into the claims being made.

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