Tesla Model 3 Driver Makes Lucky Save On Snowy Road

We’ve sen some lucky saves in our time, but this is really something else as a Tesla Model 3 spins out on a snowy highway and saves itself before it can come to any harm. And while we’d love to throw the reasoning down to Tesla’s superior autonomy, it wasn’t anything to do with that. It was a good bit of luck, a hands-on driver, and maybe a tiny bit of ABS and traction control input from the car’s systems.

It begins with the car driving in a straight line at averagely high speeds. Suddenly it veers to one side, and with some overcorrection from the driver, it starts to spin in the other direction. I can’t see what actually caused this loss of traction. It’s possible that high regen was left on, which I really urge you not to do in the snow. It does a full 360-degree turn before almost colliding with the barrier, but fortunately, the driver is able to correct it and get the car facing the right way again.

It’s astonishing that this didn’t go worse, and I’d love to know what happened in the car that allowed it to regain traction, whether it be something the car did or the driver. Thankfully there weren’t any cars close by.

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