Tesla Increases Prices Across The Board: Prices Revealed For S, 3, X And Y

Tesla’s overnight update to its online configurator has revealed big price increases across all of the models, with the Model 3 being the cheapest starting at $47,000.

It is not a massive shock as Elon Musk recently explained on Twitter that Tesla, as well as SpaceX, were seeing the effects of inflation. Tesla did slowly bring in price increases throughout 2021 but this seemed to plateau earlier this year until now.

The Rear-Wheel-Drive Model 3 is the most affordable vehicle in the range and this had an increase of $2,000 to $46,990. The Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive version is now priced at $54,500 which is an increase of $2,500, and the Model 3 Performance has seen a $3,000 increase taking it to $61,990.

The Model Y base price has seen an increase by $2,000 to $62,990 and the Performance version has had a $3,000 price increase to $67,990.

The Model S has gone up by $5,000 which makes it now $99,990 and the Performance version also had a $5,000 increase.

The biggest price jump of them all has been the Model X, which has gone up by $10,000 making it start at $114,990.



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