Tesla Installs Solar-Powered Swimming Pool At German Supercharger Station

We recently reported Tesla’s partnership with bk World with the launch of one of their cube lounges at a Supercharger station in Germany, and now Tesla has taken bringing amenities to remote stations to a whole new level.

Tesla is planning to bring a mobile swimming pool to its Hilden, Germany Supercharger station. The pool is constructed from a container making it easy to move around and the instructions show that up to four people can use the pool for up to ten minutes, which is the time it should take for your Tesla to fully charge. It has also been revealed that it will be open from Thursday to Sunday 2pm to 7pm.

The Hilden Supercharger station is one of the largest with 40 chargers, 8 of those being superchargers. The station also benefits from a full café, is solar powered and is one of the first to open to non-Tesla vehicles in the country.

David, host of the Tesla Welt Podcast, recently visited the station and filmed the swimming pool being put in place. You can see the Tesla branded pool with Tesla balls floating in it. They also show the infiltration system being run off solar power. The podcast presenter commented:

“I think this is an awesome idea from Tesla. The legacy automakers are just finding that they need a proper fast-charging network, and now, this is not enough anymore. If you want to get customers, you also need a Super Pool!”

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