Tesla Is Adding Third-Party Charging Stations To In-Car Sat-Nav

Tesla is slowly starting to roll out other third-party charging stations to its in-car satellite navigation in addition to its own supercharging and destination networks. This will make the cars even more user-friendly as Tesla is easily ahead of other manufacturers in regards to its charging infrastructure.

Third-party infrastructures are growing constantly, and while it’s in Tesla‘s best interest financially to keep its cars using its own chargers, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has proven that his objective with Tesla is to make the world a greener place, and that his objectives are not financially based. By adding third-party chargers, it makes Teslas far more user-friendly and will therefore be more attractive to potential customers.

The additional chargers will be added to the in-car navigation and will be included if the car needs to reroute itself if the final destination cannot be reached on its current state of charge. According to Electrek, a customer was sent the following message from the car manufacturer:

“This spring break, we have changed your navigation to show more charging options in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Choose the charging symbol at the bottom right of your touch screen, scroll down and select a Supercharger, Destination Charger or public charger to add it to your route.

Public chargers have different access requirements and you might need to download a app like Plugsurfing and create an account to make use of the charger.

This functionality will be improved in future software updates and we will continuously add new chargers.”

This change has been made since Tesla adopted the CCS standard for its European vehicles. Tesla has also made available a CCS adapter for cars that don’t have the correct connection. Tesla is yet to offer this CCS adapter in the US.

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