Tesla Model S/X ‘Long Range Plus Model Released With More Range And New Wheels

New updates have come to the Tesla Model X and S in the form of a ‘Long Range Plus’ model. The Model S gains 27 more miles of range for a total of 390, and the X gains 23 extra miles for a total of  351.

On top of this, the Model S has also benefited from a new wheel design: 19″ Tempest Wheels. The X has kept the same 20″/22″ wheel as before.

Performance figures have been unchanged from the update, but we’re sure we won’t have to wait much longer until the Plaid upgrade becomes available, which will allow the cars to reach serious speeds. You can read about the Plaid Model S here where it was spotted testing on the Nurburgring.

It’s not clear if there have been any upgrades to the cars’ hardware for this new model to increase its performance, or whether the increase in range simply comes from software changes, especially as it hasn’t been long since an OTA update that increased range by over 10%. The wheels look more aerodynamic, but we would think the majority of the change comes from software.

Both cars will still qualify for free supercharging, and are both capable of a 200kW maximum charging speed.

Elon has recently stated that in fact, all Model S and X sold recently have been above the stated EPA range, and these will get OTA updates for this to be unlocked for free.

He also told us to expect more wheel and tyre designs to further increase range to 400+ miles.

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