Tesla: Koenigsegg Partners With Unplugged Performance To Create Aftermarket Parts

Californian company, Unplugged Performance, has come together with Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing and are creating aftermarket carbon-fibre aero parts for Tesla’s under a new range called UP x KAM. Yes, form an orderly queue here.

The parts will be designed by Unplugged Performance using Koenigsegg’s expertise in carbon-fibre.


The first parts that will go on offer will be the carbon-fibre spoilers for the Model 3, Model S and Model Y. The Model 3 will also have wider front fenders available.

UP x KAM have only released this much to start with but have said more will be released for each model, so watch this space.

The combination of these two companies work does not come cheap though. The spoilers for the Model 3 and Model Y are rumoured to be around $1,745 and the long-tail spoilers forgo suit the Model X and Model S are going to be coming in around the $2,500 mark. The Model 3 wide front fenders are likely to be about $8,895.

These parts are designed to improve downforce but there have been no figures released regarding how these parts will affect the range of the cars.


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