Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Protects Car From Attempted Pit-Manoeuvre On Highway

It’s no secret that Teslas are some of the safest cars on the road today. Not only because of their low centre of gravity and lack of anything explosive such as fuel, but also because of the safety systems in place thanks to the car’s automation. This is backed up by high ratings from companies such as the NHTSA and Euro-NCAP.

Despite these high ratings, Tesla vehicles are very heavy. And while the low centre of gravity stops these cars from flipping over during a crash, it does mean that they can do some damage to other vehicles. The Model X, for example, weighs over 5,000lbs. It’s going to hurt if it hits you. At the same time, this high weight and where it’s positioned means the car will stick to the ground in a collision, and a recent video proves this, as a vehicle attempts a pit manoeuvre on a Model 3.

What if our cars ᵏᶦˢˢᵉᵈ on the highway 👉👈 🥺 from r/IdiotsInCars

Redditor u/xeavalt explains what happens on Reddit as he and his friend who owns a Model 3 meets an aggressive driver behind the wheel of a Nissan Sentra. the driver of the Japanese car has been pushing their luck for a while, but the video shows the moment when they go for a overtake, but instead perform a pit manoeuvre on the all-electric sedan. It’s likely, that most other cars that don’t have batteries lining their floors would have been affected by this hit, but the tesla simply carries on in the same direction at highway speeds.

The Sentra, however, isn’t so lucky, as it bounces off the Tesla and crashes into the side of the highway, taking on some serious damage.

According to the driver, the Tesla was on Autopilot at the time of the incident, and it’s safe to say it handled the interruption very well as it maintained its placement within the lane of the road. the Tesla also admitted that he thought the Nissan driver was distracted from the road, maybe on the phone, and that the hit was accidental. Unfortunately, this is a likelihood all drivers may have to deal with, so why not be ready, buy a Tesla, and know that you’re safe while the systems take care of you and your occupants.

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