Tesla Model 3 Crash Shows Us Just How Safe It Is

As a lot of us know, Teslas bode well when it comes to a frontal impact. With the frunk in the place of where the engine would usually be, this leaves the car with a massive crumple zone at the front which can absorb more of the impact. Some however, just for the sake of argument, do argue that the engine in a car acts as a crumple zone, too, but that’s by the by.

Both the Model X and S are known for their extremely high crash-test ratings, and while we don’t expect the 3 to differ from this current pattern, no tests have been performed yet. For that very reason, these images are quite important to current and future owners of Tesla’s latest road car.

While nothing has been heard about the drivers of the crashed car, there looks to be very little damage around the main cabin, with the damage instead being focussed on the frunk. This bodes well for the future of the car when it comes to crash tests.

You can see more during this video from 7:10 to 7:30.

We’ll give you updates as we get them.

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