Tesla Semi Spotted On The Road

Back in November, Tesla revealed their innovative new truck, the Tesla Semi. They say their new hauler can tow a whole 80,000 pounds of goods for 500 miles per charge – saving the companies who invest in it a lot of money and time.

Even better, it’s not only being powered by green energy, but it’s quiet too, reducing noise pollution on the roads. For the performance orientated readers, it also reaches 60mph in 5 seconds with no load. That’s faster than a lot of hot hatches.

Now, when Tesla brings out news of something, people will quickly start to pounce on the brand, urging everyone else that it won’t happen. Being a car company that produces electric cars, it’s not a surprise.

This very thing happened with the Tesla Semi, but now, one has finally been spotted in the wild. Watch the video below to see the truck in action.


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