Tesla Model 3: Driver Walks Away After 75 MPH Crash

A Tesla Model 3 is rear-ended at 75 mph by an SUV while stopped at a red light. In most situations, the vehicle’s driver will be badly injured. However, in this instance, the Tesla Model 3 driver exited the car and recorded a video of the incident.

Tesla claims that its vehicles are the most safe on the road. After CEO Elon Musk informed the NHTSA that Tesla’s automobiles had posted the organization’s lowest injury probability figures ever recorded, Tesla has sparred with the agency. The NHTSA doesn’t compare cars against one another or share each vehicle’s risk of harm data, but Musk shared it regardless.

The only reliable proof of a vehicle’s safety is a real-world event, and this is one of the most extreme examples we’ve seen of a car’s ability to keep its owner safe in the worst-case scenario.

Following numerous tweets about the incident, Hiero compiled the following tweet thread, which includes various images and videos from the Tesla Model 3 accident. The rear half of the automobile appears to have little remaining, but the front seat appears almost undamaged. Fortunately, no one was in the rear seats because there’s a tire wedged between them.

Tesmanian notes:

“On the evening of December 8, Hiero was driving home from Boulder on Diagonal Hwy in his 10-day old Tesla Model 3 after celebrating his birthday. At the intersection with 63rd Street, he noticed that the traffic light changed from red to yellow, so he decided to slow down and stop, instead of accelerating and taking risks at the last second. In the right lane, at high speed, a van rushed past the red light, and Hiero stared after it, unaware of the approaching danger. After a few moments, he felt a hit of immense force.”

The driver, according to reports, was operating a 2015 Jeep Patriot while intoxicated. It collided with the rear of the Model 3 at 75 mph and there was no attempt to brake, as far as we know. The Model 3 was severely damaged but did not roll over; the driver was able to flee the vehicle despite having a concussion after first responders were taken aback that Hiero didn’t seem injured. They informed him that similar incidents frequently result in deaths, which is why they were shocked that he had escaped unharmed. The driver of the Jeep had to be removed from the vehicle and taken to the hospital and their condition is not currently known.

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