Tesla Model 3 Release Candidate Spotted Testing

As we approach the start of production of the Tesla Model 3, we are beginning to get some better looks at what the final product will look like in some spy shots. A release candidate is a near final design for an upcoming car release, so what you see below will pretty much be what the final Model 3 design will resemble. It is highly unlikely that there will be any major design changes from here on out, so for now, take a look at your upcoming Model 3!

Teslarati reader Wayne took some pictures and videos on his phone of the Model 3 tester roaming around in Palo Alto. Apparently, Mr. Wayne spotted the Model 3 and made a hasty u-turn in order to follow it and get some shots:

These pictures show a pretty decent look at what the revamped front end of the Model 3 looks like. During the unveiling last year, there was some heavy criticism regarding the design of the nose, so it’s nice to see what the design tweaks have resulted in.

The next day, Wayne spotted the same vehicle again, this time testing on some twisties near the Tesla headquarters. Wayne first noticed that the car did not have its daytime running lights on, something the Model S and Model X both use. Also, Wayne noticed that the headlights were opaque and not clear, giving an indication that this particular car may have been a development car and not a release candidate.

Here’s a video that Wayne took of the second sighting. The video is somewhat jumpy, but you can still get a look at the Model 3 zooming about:

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