Tesla Model 3 Sells More Than All Other EVs Combined In California 2019

The Model 3 has proven Tesla’s dominance over the industry in California after it sold more than every other EV combined during 2019. On top of this, if other Tesla Models weren’t included in the statistics, then it sold more than twice as many as all the other EVs on the market that year, according to California New Car Dealers Association when they released their ’19 report.

When compared to all other cars sold during 2019, it came third in sales figures behind the Civic and Camry. The year before, it was sat at fifth. The Model 3 has also extended its lead over the Model S which was very successful during 2018. Since the 3 was released, sales for the Model S have fallen, dropping from a market share of from 15.2% in ’18 to 10.4% in ’19 in the luxury segment behind the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes S-Class.

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Within the luxury mid-size SUV segment, the Model X dropped from 2nd to 4th behind the Lexus RX, the Mercedes GLE-Class, and the BMW X5 with its market share falling slightly from 9.6% to 7.8%.

With the Model 3 now accounting for 59.7% of the market share for EVs, the whole Tesla portfolio dominates the market with a total market share of 72.8%. The 3 sold 59,514 units, compared to all the non-Tesla EVs selling only 27,079 units. That is astonishing.

Interestingly, hybrids have outsold EVs this year unlike the year before, maybe due to more hybrid models being pushed to the market.

The future is looking very bright, people. It’s also looking very Tesla.

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