Tesla Model 3 Sets New EV Coast to Coast Cannonball Run Record

In the driver’s seat of a Tesla Model 3, esteemed rally driver and known Cannonballer Alex Roy set out on a near 3000-mile rally from Redondo Beach, California to the Red Ball Garage in New York City, known as the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy dash. Accompanying him was the owner of the Model 3 in question, Daniel Zorrilla.

This coast-to-coast dash is an unofficial rally, last held properly in 1979. However, drivers these days still attempt to beat their own records themselves. Alex Roy and co. were out to beat the last EV record (51 hours and 47 minutes) set by Jordan Hart and Bradley D’Souza who completed the run in a Tesla Model S P85D in July 2017.

They beat it by a good 90 minutes with a final time of 50:16.32 seconds – a new record for EV cars.

TheDrive, who covered the event, have yet to give us more information, but they have told us that overall, they spent $100.95 on charging during the whole trip. That’s not bad for a trip across America!



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