Tesla Model 3 TikTok Video Slammed By Viewers After Joking About The Fuel Crisis In The UK

An owner of a Tesla Model 3 and TikTok user has been slammed by viewers after he uploaded a video joking about how a Tesla doesn’t been fuel. The comments section became flooded with complaints from users who considered the video to be of bad taste considering the fuel shortage in the UK has thrown a spanner in the works for many drivers, including those of emergency vehicles.

From Swansea, Wales, the owner of the Model 3 video himself stopping next to a petrol station with a jerry can, telling the camera that he needs to fill it up with fuel. But then, while looking back at the all-electric Model 3, he realises that he in fact doesn’t need to.


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In all, it’s not a terrible video and is making light humour about electric cars not needing fuel. But after gaining over 1.2 milloin views, and almost 56,000 likes, he’s been told by commenters to “get off his high horse”.

Of course, this was only light-hearted humour. He told local media the following: “The video was randomly filmed when I was going to work. I saw a big queue at the shell station, and I just had to stop and make a video.”

The fuel crisis in the UK was started when the media overexaggerated the shortage of fuel. This caused car owners across the nation to leave their homes and refuel their cars, with some even filling extra jerry cans. This was incredibly stupid. Because of this, the majority of fuel stations couldn’t handle the incredible rush and many ran out before they could be replenished.

A lack of HGV drivers across the country made this much more difficult, so UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for the army to stand in as truck drivers while putting a call out to all retired drivers to work temporarily once again.

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