Tesla Model S Plaid And Rimac Nevera Drag Race In Clash Of Titans Video

This is the race we all wanted to see. Finally, the two quickest production cars, a Model S Plaid and a Rimac Nevera, have gone up against each other on the drag strip to see which is fastest in reality, because we all know that manufacturers can bend their numbers.

Look at the Tesla Model S Plaid for example. Its 0-60mph time is 1.99 seconds according to the website. But next to this very small number there’s an asterisk. Further down the page in small font is a sentence that reads “with rollout subtracted”. Obviously then, this isn’t a precise time for a true 0-60 measurement.

Alongside the Plaid sits the Nevera, the second car to roll out from Rimac. They say it reaches 60mph in just 1.97 seconds. No asterisk.

So they’re close, but how close are they in a quarter-mile? Watch below and we’ll find out.

The Youtube channel Drag Times has got its hands on these two vehicles and lined them up at the start line. As the lights turn green, the Plaid is actually faster off the line than the Rimac, but the Nevera quickly roars to life and hits an 8.65-second quarter-mile. The Tesla comes in at a 9.27-second time.

On the second turn, the cars hit 8.64-second and 9.31-second times, and this pattern continues in the third run.

While the Nevera is the obvious winner here, it’s a surprise that the Tesla, being a four-door saloon, can keep up with the hypercar. You have to admit that that’s pretty impressive.

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