Tesla Model S Plaid Price Increases Moments Ahead Of Launch

Today, the Tesla Model S Plaid will launch, making history for the car company. But moments before the reveal, Tesla is increasing the price of the all-electric super saloon.

$10,000 has been added to the price of the car, resulting in a $129,990 tag, but while this increase will shock some customers, the Model S Long Range price stays at $79,990.

There have been no reasons stated by Tesla for the increase in price, especially as Tesla had recently admitted that building these cars will be cheaper than ever. So while its profit margins are getting larger, the customer is yet to reap any benefits.

Similarly to this, CEO Elon Musk has also admitted that the prices of the Model 3 and Y were also increased due to additional costs in the supply chain, with the semiconductor shortage being the main blamed element of this. With this pattern becoming a trend, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Model X Plaid also underwent an increase in price, too.

Are you a potential customer who’s been annoyed by the increase in price? Let us know in the comments.

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